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13th January 2020 0

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is making a comeback on Nintendo Switch

By Jordan Heal

Classic Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games are being revived and making their long-awaited comeback via the Nintendo Switch. The news has caused a buzz within the fandom, particularly since the announcement has arrived so soon after the release of Sword and...

12th January 2020 0

Nintendo president explains lack of financial backing for Smash Bros eSports

By Jordan Heal

Nintendo's president has explained why Smash Bros is often neglected while the eSports is well and truly soaring. In a...

11th December 2019 0

Nintendo Switch unwraps new indie games for Christmas

By Darren Parkin

Nintendo’s closing update of 2019 for the Switch console has unveiled an assortment of indie games. The festive selection box...