Barehand joins Enjin ecosystem as it looks to integrate NFTs into ‘Cede’

Barehand joins Enjin ecosystem as it looks to integrate NFTs into ‘Cede’

15th October 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

BareHand LLC has joined Enjin’s ecosystem and will soon integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its strategic action RPG Cede.

The news comes shortly after the developer completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, using major events such as GDC and PAX, to bring attention to the project.

The game is currently in the late stages of pre-production since development first began in 2015.

Cede is a title that challenges players to team up, strategize their loadouts, farm, fight, and terraform their surrounding environments.

It will initially launch for PC with both single and multiplayer campaign modes before eventually transitioning toward a player-versus-player (PvP) eSports model.

The game’s premise is centred on a world ravaged by famine, and so the player must battle lifeforms to transform them into ‘environment changers’.

These will assist the protagonist in combat in various ways, such as by dropping health items and increasing stats.

Given that much of the project revolves around farming new life, the title’s innovative blockchain mechanics will function in a similar way.

Players will be enabled to grow unique assets that can subsequently be stored in any cryptocurrency wallet that supports ERC-1155 tokens and sold via various marketplaces.

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