BREAKING: Inside the Ultra partnership with AMD

BREAKING: Inside the Ultra partnership with AMD

13th December 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Blockchain-based games distribution platform Ultra has announced a partnership with leading processor and graphics card manufacturer AMD.

The partnership will be strategic as they look to continue democratising the video games industry for both developers and players.

The pair will be cooperating on co-marketing activities to promote the Ultra platform and the benefits of blockchain-based game technologies.

This will include contests, events with the distribution platform even providing AMD’s user base of 200 million with new titles sold on its platform – some of which will be exclusive.

The move marks yet another positive step forward for Ultra who only last month unveiled a partnership with industry behemoth Ubisoft.

The publishing giant will don the role of a block producer on the UOS blockchain – a sister branch of EOSIO.

The latest press release reveals AMD will work in tandem with Ultra to optimise cryptographic compute performance on the platform for users who are utilising AMD processors and graphics cards.

“AMD is working closely with our engineers to boost the performance of the Ultra blockchain to new heights as well as improving the mining performances of the AMD-based graphics cards and CPU, so our users can earn more UOS,” a spokesperson told eGaming Desk.

Promoting Ultra in Asia

There will be many aspects the pair will work together on with the bulk of focus centred on the promotion of the Ultra platform.

One example of this is when someone purchases a graphics card. An AMD customer will receive a free game which can only be redeemed on Ultra thereby adding more users to the platform.

Taking this one step further, one of the initiatives present in the co-marketing agreement will offer players the ability to install the Ultra directly from the AMD drivers, making it seamless for them to launch it at the click of a button.

“These activities will begin as soon as we are live,” we were told.

“In the meantime, AMD will evangelise Ultra at developer events around the world. Starting in January 2020, AMD will also promote Ultra in Asia.”

It will optimise Ultra’s mining capabilities

One of the most interesting parts of the partnership will see AMD endeavour to optimise cryptographic compute performance for people using AMD processors and graphics cards with the Ultra platform.

The collaboration on the blockchain front has already begun, but there isn’t much information that can be publicly revealed at this time.

However, AMD has already provided it with “important data to optimise our private testnet and will assist us in future tests”.

It will also be assisting Ultra with optimising its mining capabilities so its users can earn more UOS.

Since the platform has the ability to integrate third-party applications, it wants to ensure performances are ‘optimal’ as multiple applications will be running simultaneously – yet another aspect AMD will work to improve.

AMD will help improve the UOS blockchain

While Ubisoft’s role with Ultra will see it become a block producer during the testnet, AMD will ultimately be looking to drive traffic to the platform.

The two topics are not related, but we were told “conversations are indeed happening to expand our mutual level of collaboration”.

“We benefit from strong relationships between all three companies and are continuing to find meaningful ways to coordinate.”

Additionally, AMD will be aiding Ultra in optimising the UOS blockchain but there will not yet be any overlap with Ubisoft because the former is “not yet a block producer”.

“There will also be additional technical collaborations between Ultra and AMD which we will reveal as they are finalised.”

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