Enjin launches its Ambassador Program ‘Envoy’

Enjin launches its Ambassador Program ‘Envoy’

2nd July 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Blockchain ecosystem developer Enjin has announced the launch of its Ambassador and Affiliate Program called ‘Envoy’.

Individuals of all backgrounds and professions are being invited to join the program, including developers, gamers, and avid community members.

As part brand ambassadors and part affiliates, Envoys will comprise of “an elite force of blockchain gaming enthusiasts equipped with superior skills and industry knowledge”.

The latest news arrives after a busy year for the developer, as it has officially launched the Enjin Platform, its Minecraft plugin and released SDKs for Java and the Godot Engine.

There are numerous benefits for successful applicants, such as access to a secret Telegram group and an exclusive Enjin Envoy badge.

There will also be affiliate opportunities wherein Envoys will receive a 50% commission for every successfully referred customer for 12 months beginning on the day of sign up.

Following their first referral, Envoys will also be gifted a custom Enjin hoodie.

Additionally, Reddit users can get an exclusive Enjin Envoy flair on the developer’s subreddit.

Those looking to host blockchain or gaming-related events can receive support in the form of free Beam QR codes and a pizza budget to feed attendees.

Community members, influencers, publications, educators, gamers, and developers are all free to apply to become Enjin Envoys.

Though, acceptance into the program is qualitative and will vary from candidate to the next.

For the Enjin community members who do not have the time to become Envoys, the developer will be hosting a month-long series of giveaways featuring $500 worth of rewards throughout July.

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