Enjin launches Multiverse Program

Enjin launches Multiverse Program

16th March 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Enjin – one of the leading blockchain gaming ecosystem developers – has announced the launch of its Multiverse Program.

The news arrives shortly after the developer publicly released its platform which, to date, has seen more than 2,800 projects created on it.

It enables users to seamlessly create Ethereum-based assets, manage advanced economic gameplay mechanics and integrate decentralised inventories into their projects.

The latest program is anticipated to open new avenues for developers in both cross-promotion and collaborative design.

It will allow them to join an interconnected ‘Multiverse’ through which assets can be shared and transferred between different participants.

“There is immense potential value that can be unlocked by game developers of all sizes and genres when gaming assets are readily accessible for integration by anyone,” it was said in the announcement.

The Enjin Multiverse – established in August 2018 – encompasses more than 40 projects.

Players of each one are able to use and level up their items across all participating games.

This means they can transfer a unique and epic sword from a fantasy role-playing title (RPG) to a sci-fi action game, created by a different developer, and use it as a plasma sabre.

While this innovative concept is enticing, the possibilities extend far beyond this and pave the way for further collaboration such as a shared progression, characters and questlines throughout all projects in the Multiverse.

In joining the program, developers can receive a collection of shared assets, support from the Enjin team on topics such as blockchain integration and many more benefits.

It is open to games in most stages of development including pre-production, production and post-production.

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