Enjin speaks on collaboration with tech giant Microsoft

Enjin speaks on collaboration with tech giant Microsoft

5th December 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Enjin will be collaborating with tech behemoth Microsoft on its pilot blockchain-based recognition program ‘Azure Heroes‘.

It is one of the major players and pioneers in the blockchain gaming industry having released a plethora of tools enabling developers to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into video games.

It is also well-known for spearheading the ‘Multiverse’ which is the product of a wide array of developers coming together to develop titles which are compatible with one another.

Using the ERC-1155 token standard – created by Enjin CTO Witek Radomski – gamers and developers alike possess the ability to transfer and use assets between each one, such as using a wooden sword from Minecraft in a seemingly unrelated video game.

EnjinX is a user-friendly blockchain explorer for Ethereum-based tokens that enables anyone to search for transactions, addresses, blocks and coins within seconds.

People were quick to spot Azure Heroes ERC-1155 assets on the platform which prompted interest in the collaboration.

Azure Heroes aims to reward individuals for verifiable acts of impact.

Each successful nominee who is recognised will receive a special non-fungible token (NFT) badge that represents their impact and is embedded with a certain amount of Enjin Coin (ENJ).

Every badge will be minted in verifiable quantities and recorded on the Ethereum ledger to provide an immutable record.

Having now officially announced the news on Telegram, eGaming Desk contacted Enjin for a comment.

“We are excited to collaborate with Microsoft on Azure Heroes, a blockchain-based recognition program,” said Enjin.

“As a pilot program in select Western European markets, Azure Heroes aims to utilise blockchain technology to encourage volunteering, mentoring, teaching others, and creating inclusive environments among Microsoft developers – the things that communities are all about.

“We look forward to the program’s rollout and success.”

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