Enjin to co-host first annual NFT Awards with former Sony CEO as a judge

Enjin to co-host first annual NFT Awards with former Sony CEO as a judge

21st September 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Enjin is partnering with Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) to host the first annual NFT Awards with a former Sony CEO set to judge the event.

The ceremony is scheduled to commence on December 9, 2020 online and it will showcase a curated catalogue of non-fungible token (NFT) use cases to mainstream audiences.

Nominations for the awards will be accepted during October for five or more categories across multiple industries.

Each category will comprise of six finalists with three chosen by the public and another three selected by a committee of blockchain industry figureheads.

The NFT Award winners will be announced live on both Twitch and YouTube in an event hosted by Enjin and DEA.

The final winners of each category will be chosen by a panel of seven judges from innovative companies outside of the blockchain industry.

Included in this list is Nobuyuki Idei – the former CEO and chairman of Sony Corporation – alongside Sherry List, a core member of the team leading Microsoft’s Azure Heroes program.

“The NFT Awards will be hosted annually, inviting builders from the Ethereum community and beyond to nominate and showcase their latest innovations,” said Enjin CEO Maxim Blagov.

“We are currently reaching out to judges interested in learning more about what blockchain has to offer, who can look at these use cases with fresh eyes and evaluate their potential significant in mainstream markets.”

Meanwhile, DEA CEO Naohito Yoshida has said:

“The NFT Awards aims to promote the mainstream potential of NFTs. NFTs can not only help develop entertainment, but any industry which utilises data.”

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