EXCLUSIVE: Inside Ultra’s partnership with Ubisoft

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Ultra’s partnership with Ubisoft

2nd January 2020 21 By Jordan Heal

Towards the back end of 2019 Ultra unveiled two significant partnerships with Ubisoft and AMD to further cement itself in the blockchain gaming industry.

Last month eGaming Desk dug deeper into its collaboration with the leading processor and graphics cards manufacturer, at the time of the announcement.

We have since spoken with Ultra again to learn more about its partnership with video game publishing giant Ubisoft – which will serve as a block producer on the UOS blockchain.

Having such a renowned company working on the blockchain should generate trust in it since Ubisoft will have the responsibility of approving the validity of transactions confirmed by other block producers, once they have all agreed confirmation.

Ultra revealed the worst case scenario would arise if the block producers collude with one another, giving way to the risk that an unauthorised transaction might be allowed on the chain.

This is where the importance of boasting trusted block producers shine because their reputation is at stake. Ubisoft has much to lose in terms of reputation and as such will endeavour to ensure the validity of transactions is legitimate.

“Every additional reputable block producer exponentially reduces the risk of having all block producers agreeing to do something bad,” note Ultra.

Ubisoft will run a series of servers and services

In terms of infrastructure and how far its role will extend, the publishing behemoth will be providing Ultra with a range of servers and services.

These will include core block production nodes through to web-based services such as enabling third-parties to send transactions on the blockchain, listen to them in real-time or query the UOS blockchain for data.

Ultra also note that as blockchain popularity rises, hardware upgrades will have to occur to increase the concurrent users capability.

Ubisoft is currently tasked with being a corporate block producer, though it did ask Ultra what requirements would need to be met to become a technical one.

Technical block producers need to actively contribute to the development of the platform while also providing support to the corporate ones. It is possible Ubisoft could one day become a technical BP, though only time will tell.

In terms of the amount of validations it will be completing, Ultra note they are spread geographically so, in theory, it should be the same as other block producers.

However, certain regions may require more validations than others, so it will all depend on a region’s transactions needs.

‘Ubisoft is leading the pack’

While it is nothing short of an achievement to collaborate with one of mainstream video gaming’s biggest companies, there will be no preferential treatment. Every block producer will be see incentives to operate the nodes accordingly.

In the case of Ubisoft, it has a desire to learn more and acquire expertise in the field. As a result, the partnership should be fruitful for both parties since there is opportunity for both to advance in the blockchain gaming sector.

It is no secret it has been exploring the use cases of blockchain within gaming and it is a part of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA).

Having been around the industry for some time now, Ultra is confident that “Ubisoft is leading the pack”.

It is also confident that if its endeavours are successful, there are few reasons to doubt that other mainstream companies will follow suit and enter the space.

When quizzed on whether Ultra would be looking to add more mainstream companies to its growing roster of block producers, it revealed that it is looking to incorporate valuable contributors – but, quality versus quantity is part of its core philosophy and it will only add those it identifies as adding value.

As for the future of the collaboration, it is hoping to explore its unique non-fungible token (NFT) technology with Ubisoft.

While it sees no real need to reinvent the wheel again, any possible feedback from the giant could help it further enhance its NFTs.

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