Reality Gaming Group to expand into China

Reality Gaming Group to expand into China

12th November 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Reality Gaming Group – the team behind the Reality Clash augmented reality (AR) mobile title – is set to expand into China.

It recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Chengdu New Economy Development Commission – a department funded by the Chengdu Municipal Government established back in January.

It is a public body that aims to solve issues regarding traditional public administration, government responsibility and institutional innovation relating to building digital economies.

The MOU will provide the developer with unique access to Chinese markets for both the mobile game and its AR and blockchain technology.

The body only grants five licenses per year to foreign app developers. The Chengdu province is home to a potential audience of 24 million people.

The UK-based publisher is the only Western game specialist to be invited.

With the memorandum signed, the Chengdu government will be promoting Reality Gaming Group and supporting its entry into the Chinese market.

“I’m very honoured that Reality Gaming Group has been acknowledged by the Chengdu New Economy Development Commission for our innovative solutions and usage of new technology in the fields of games, AR, AI, GPS and blockchain,” explained Morten Rongaard, co-founder of the publisher.

“With this agreement I’m very excited to start sharing knowledge, exchanging talent and set up our headquarters for China here in Chengdu. I am very grateful for the support Reality Gaming Group have received so far from the Chengdu government and proud to be one of the pioneers in China for mobile gaming.”

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