unveils Multiverse quests unveils Multiverse quests

14th November 2019 0 By Jordan Heal has unveiled the latest feature on its platform which will see cross-game questlines expandind across different platforms.

These will be called ‘Multiverse quests‘ that occur through a network of interlinked titles, similar to the ‘Oasis’ in the blockbuster film Ready Player One.

Implementing quests that expand beyond one title is a logical evolution for the industry because it breaks the mould of traditional game narrative and drastically changes the status quo.

Rather than being restricted to a singular storyline, players can embark on an adventure reminiscent of sci-fi epic that adds more value to the overall experience.

It will also be enable in-game item interoperability, meaning virtual assets can be transferred between multiple games created by different developers.

This innovative concept is one originally pioneered by Enjin – a blockchain development company which has garnered significant success in the gaming industry.

The ‘Multiverse,’ as it is called, connects more than 30 different titles and allows its players to take a wooden sword from Minecraft and use it in one of the supported games.

It will also be releasing the ‘Builder,’ a tool that businesses can utilise to create their own platforms and offer interoperable rewards and questlines.

Each one can be tailored to suit the needs of a particular brand and serve as a hub where its users can manage their rewards, inventory and quests.

All items created on the company’s platform will also have the function to be added to the Ethereum blockchain – ensuring true ownership is retained indefinitely.

“We plan to take the concept of perpetual gameplay to the furthest extreme, by developing quests and game items that travel through a vast expanse of gaming universes, spilling out into websites and social media,” says Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of

“We also intend to offer ways for the 2 billion gamers out there to receive tangible value from their in-game pursuits, by playing games and receiving rewards that can improve their lives.”

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