Satoshi’s Games is developing a crypto-themed battle royale

Satoshi’s Games is developing a crypto-themed battle royale

7th May 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Satoshi’s Games is creating a battle royale game called Lightnite that rewards players in Bitcoin.

The studio, established in 2018, has previously released titles inspired by classic, retro games like Pac-Man and Super Mario with much success.

It subsequently attracted interest from a US investor who has provided them with funding to create more projects.

As such, its sights are now set on the battle royale genre with Lightnite, a game that features a minimalistic low-poly and cartoon-like design.

Unlike traditional titles, the iteration developed by Satoshi’s Games will reward players in Bitcoin, or to be more precise, satoshis.

As payments and so on are based using satoshis, there is virtually no fee when transacting over the Lightning Network, a layer 2 scaling solution for the Bitcoin network.

Like other projects using blockchain with video games, Lightnite heavily revolves around non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

These are unique, virtual, blockchain-based assets that cannot be exchanged but contain inherent value. The NFTs in Lightnite will be categorised in order of rarity.

The implementation of NFTs is one way it differentiates itself from rivals, as players are matched with others based on the equipment rank and items.

Upon dying in the battle royale mode, players items will be dropped on the ground for competitors to claim. Interestingly, if no one picks them up, then that item disappears forever.

In turn, this will ensure that over time the NFTs become more scarce until there is only one of a certain item left. At that point, it will become a ‘legendary’ NFT.

Since Lightnite is supported by blockchain technology, there will always be an immutable record of each NFT to ensure transparency is maintained for all players.

The battle royale title is still in its earliest development stages; however, regular updates can be found on the Lightnite blog.

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