TRON takes the Biscuit

TRON takes the Biscuit

21st October 2019 0 By Darren Parkin

TRON has announced its partnership with games studio Biscuit in a move designed to accelerate blockchain adoption and deliver a sequel to the hugely popular classic EOS Knights.

The switch to the TRON blockchain for the studio will launch with an upgrade and rebrand for the former chart-topper, now known as ‘Knight Story’.

As a strategic investor, TRON will facilitate the migration of Biscuit’s games from EOS to its own blockchain, allowing access to increased performance, developer-friendly tools, and a robust ecosystem of applications.

Knight Story topped the charts across all public chains in terms of DAU and transaction volume from 2018-2019. Players enthused about the RPG’s character models, polished UI, and loot as they progressed through the game by raiding dungeons, acquiring new equipment, and upgrading heroes to find more valuable loot.

At its peak, the dApp had more than 6,000 daily players and delivered almost $20,000 in daily revenue.

The latest version of the game – due for release in December – will be available for download on most iOS and Android devices and feature a revamped economy powered by TRX and TRC-based tokens (including NFTs).

Serious opportunity

Biscuit’s CEO – Jay Lee – said teaming up with TRON presented a serious opportunity to attract a large audience.

“We are very excited to partner with TRON and we’re eager to see Knight Story thrive on the TRON network,” he said.

“This collaboration will help us to realise Biscuit’s mission and continue to innovate games using blockchain technology.”

TRON CEO Justin Sun

TRON CEO Justin Sun

His comments were echoed by TRON CEO Justin Sun who said distributing Knight Story would make it the most ambitious dApp ever launched.

“There has never been a decentralised game of this scale before,” he said.

“Biscuit’s successful rollout of blockchain gaming for mainstream audiences marks a turning point for the space.

“I want to thank Biscuit for their hard work and passion for blockchain. Together, we will progress mass adoption of blockchain for everyone.”