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Are FIFA pros deliberately avoiding each other in competitive games?

FIFA pros shamed for avoiding each other in competitive games

Professional FIFA gamers are purposefully avoiding each other to have easier qualification matches, a popular streamer has claimed. Ultimate Team (FUT) is the title’s flagship mode, generating Electronic Arts (EA) a serious amount of money each year through microtransactions. The game type has progressively become more and more quintessential with each release, prompting the publisher […]

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FaZe clan partners with Manchester City FC

FaZe clan partners with Manchester City

FaZe clan – one of the most dominant organisations in eSports – has announced a new partnership with reigning Premier League football champions Manchester City. The news was announced by the football club on its website, which details how the new collaboration will “create new experiences for fans of both football and eSports”. FaZe clan’s […]

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Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert invests in ReKTGlobal

Utah Jazz's Rudy Gobert invests in ReKTGlobal eSports

NBA superstar Rudy Gobert has become the latest celebrity investor in ReKTGlobal – the parent company of pro eSports organisation Rogue. The news comes shortly after the company’s announcement of its Call of Duty London team and its multi-year deal with Fortnite wizard DrLupo. The Utah Jazz centre, who also represents his national country France […]

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Q&A with Sonny Waheed

Q&A with Sonny Waheed, director at Vexed Gaming

The eGaming Desk recently caught up with Sonny Waheed, chief marketing officer at Vexed Gaming – an eSports team which is ranked in the top 30 for the UK. Sonny has spoken about how eSports could one day become the most watched sport in the world, as well as the lesser-known problems that face the […]

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Gaming injuries ‘same as basketball players’, says doctor


Injuries as a result of intensive eGaming are rising at an alarming rate, leading doctors have warned. Despite the often-ridiculed stereotype of gamers sitting for hours on end operating nothing more strenuous that a QWERTY keyboard, injuries akin to those being suffered by top athletes are often reported. It is believed the bizarre increase may […]

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Puff Daddy invests in US high school eSports

Puff Daddy

Rapper Puff Daddy has thrown his weight behind a project to make video gaming a recognised sport in high schools across the US. The millionaire artist and entrepreneur – who turns 50 this November – is one of the major investors in a $96 million eSports start-up which aims to pave the way for high […]

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Offset says gaming will be worth $30 billion by 2020

Offset thinks the gaming industry will be worth more than $30 billion by 2020

Hip-hop mogul Offset believes the video games industry will be worth more than $30 billion next year. Offset is one-third of the hip-hop trio Migos and recently partnered with the well-known FaZe clan. In a recent interview with a photographer, quoted by Urban Islandz, the music icon revealed that he believes the video games industry […]

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