Apex Legends conference leak might have confirmed next character and Halloween event

Apex Legends conference leak might have confirmed next character and Halloween event

3rd September 2019 1 By Jordan Heal

The next Apex Legends character might have been confirmed alongside a new weapon and a possible Halloween-themed event during a recent conference.

Following the conference, a Reddit user uploaded three photos depicting the next character, weapon and a cosmetic skin for one of the current characters.

That character has been hotly rumoured to be called ‘Crypto‘ and he seemingly boasts a laptop which looks set to be utilised for hacking purposes.

The character was first spied by eagle-eyed fans upon the release of season two, which introduced Wattson as the latest character. In a trailer, the hacker could be seen blowing up a repulsor station.

Much earlier than that though, one fan had data-mined the game to discover a whole host of upcoming characters, with the next one called ‘Crypto’.

This character has since been confirmed during this recent conference. Though, the name has not been declared as crypto. However, the character is the same from the trailer released in season two and so far aligns with the data-mined leak.

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When season two dropped, a new weapon known as the L-Star was released which could only be obtained from care-package drops. The next weapon to be released is called the Charge Rifle, though again not many additional details have been released.

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Finally, a Halloween-themed skin has been revealed for the character Gibraltar, which makes him look eerily similar to Frankenstein’s monster mixed with Solomon Grundy from the DC comics.

The leaked image does not give a name for the Gibraltar skin.

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If a Halloween-inspired event is on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how both Respawn and EA tackle it after the fiasco of its most recent Iron Crown event for Apex Legends.

The Iron Crown event had a wide array of loot on offer, though it was steeply priced causing outrage among the community.

It didn’t take long for the ruckus to reach Reddit where a member of Respawn revealed most players do not purchase the loot and called the community “freeloaders”.

This then sparked further outrage before the Iron Crown loot became available to purchase individually, though still at a steep price.

It would seem a lot of the community have fallen out of love with Respawn for the behaviour displayed on Reddit. If the next event is not handled properly, players could very well start boycotting the free-to-play game.

The eGaming Desk has reached out to Respawn to ask for a comment on the leaks, but has not yet received a response.

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