Cancelled ‘Lord of the Rings’ game footage cost $1,000,000 to create

Cancelled ‘Lord of the Rings’ game footage cost $1,000,000 to create

25th June 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Traveller’s Tales founder Jon Burton recently uploaded the Lord of the Rings footage that was a pitch for a Hobbit game.

The demo trailer showcased some of the levels that were developed and it reportedly cost $1,000,000 to create.

The studio is perhaps best known for developing LEGO video games, but wanted to move into another direction and make a project that tied into The Hobbit movies.

As such, the footage portraying the Lord of the Rings scenes was merely created to serve as a template for what it could have achieved with its new idea.

There were major moments from the series, such as Gandalf battling the Balrog and Frodo sneaking away from the Nazgûl, recreated for the pitch.

Other notable scenes included the player exploring the Shire and Aragorn fighting the Uruk-hai to show how the combat would have worked.

Burton recalled how he visited New Zealand in 2009 to approach Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro, who at the time was the director for The Hobbit movies.

Despite spending $1,000,000 on the demo footage, ultimately, Warner Bros decided it wanted a game that wasn’t based on the films.

In the end, Burton was happy with the decision as the first Hobbit film was delayed for a year.

This meant Traveller’s Tales would have been required to spend even more time on the project, if it had been green lit.

Several years later, the studio eventually developed LEGO games for both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit while Monolith Studios created the acclaimed Shadow of Mordor.

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