Castro spent roughly $6,000 on FIFA Points and didn’t pack a TOTY

Castro spent roughly $6,000 on FIFA Points and didn’t pack a TOTY

9th January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Castro_1021 spent a staggering 837,000 FIFA Points on Ultimate Team this week in the hopes of packing a Team of the Year (TOTY) card.

The promotion is arguably the biggest in Electronic Art’s football game’s life cycle.

Gamers vote for those who they believe deserve a special card, though often it is the best football players voted for as opposed to who is having the better season in real life.

On Monday January 6, the first wave of TOTY cards were released which saw Lionel Messi, Sadio Mané and Kylian Mbappé added.

Castro is one of the biggest names in FIFA content creation for both YouTube and Twitch, frequently spending large quantities of real money to curate content for his audience.

Before the cards entered packs, he had loaded 837,000 FIFA Points onto his Xbox account which is roughly worth more than $6,000.

Loot boxes are more often than not never worth the money people pay, because the odds of packing a high tier item (or in this case player) are astronomically low.

Still, many would think $6,000 would go a long way in securing a much-coveted item.

Castro streamed for just shy of 12 hours and in that time he had a few decent ‘pulls’ including a mid icon Claude Makélélé, a base icon Filippo Inzaghi, a UCL Virgil Van Dijk but most importantly, he did not pack a single TOTY card.

Obtaining these ultra-rare players is no easy feat, especially from FIFA packs and while many of these cards did appear on the FUT transfer market it is astonishing to see someone spend so much money only to walk away with so little.

The pack weight in previous instalments has always been so woeful that eventually bodies stepped in and forced EA to include ‘probabilities’ on each pack offered.

The odds for packing a TOTY card are – rather vaguely – stipulated at less than 1%.

Throughout Monday evening, there were multiple lightning rounds hosted on each platform with the most expensive one costing 2,500 FIFA Points for a single pack (that equates to a little more than $20).

Alongside the lightning rounds were a certain amount of packs allocated per person, should they choose to buy them. The packs can be purchased with in-game currency, though considering how bad the pack weight is many spend real money on them so as to not lose everything on their account.

Considering the ambiguity surrounding the odds of packing a TOTY card, it is extraordinary to see so many people dump so much money into the promotion – especially casual players who do not rely on curating content for their career.

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