Cross-play could be on the horizon for Apex Legends

Cross-play could be on the horizon for Apex Legends

25th September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Apex Legends – the popular battle royale game that launched earlier this year – could finally be introducing cross-play support for players on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

The blockbuster title launched at the start of this year and has been wildly successful throughout. The introduction of cross-play – something enjoyed by players of rival Fortnite – is expected to amplify that success.

The feature enables gamers on all platforms to play with one another even if they own a completely different console or computer.

News of the new feature’s possible introduction was shared by trusted Apex Legends source ‘That1MiningGuy’ who tweeted about code he found within the game that pointed to the potential for cross-play ability.

That1MiningGuy – a popular mouthpiece on the Respawn title – often ‘data mines’ the game to discover what secrets the developer has in store for fans.

According to him, there is a ‘Nucleus’ string in the Apex Legends code with matchmaking descriptions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

One of the biggest concerns when tackling cross-play is that mouse and keyboard users can often have an advantage over players who use a controller. According to GameRant, Respawn seem to be taking this into account.

Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that cross-progression could also be on its way to Apex Legends. That1MiningGuy also noted the interesting use of PINs, which is information that can be used to track a single player across multiple platforms.

If true, this could mean players would be able to boot up a copy of Apex Legends on Xbox One and still retain their progression from their copy on PlayStation 4.

The only detail absent from the leak is a confirmed date for when cross-play support could be integrated into the game. Season 3 kicks off in less than a week, so it is unlikely we will see it implemented when it launches.

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