Did Ninja troll fans amid Fornite blackout?

Did Ninja troll fans amid Fornite blackout?

14th October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Fortnite sent fans into meltdown yesterday as the map imploded into a black hole leaving millions staring into a blank screen.

The event marked the end of its 10th season while Epic Games prepares to launch the 11th iteration, which will see some major changes implemented to the title.

‘Ninja’ – one of the world’s most famous streamers – is highly regarded as a top player in the game. He recently broke the record for most consecutive duo wins alongside Reverse2k.

Never one to shy away from the limelight, the gaming star released a tweet teasing that if it received 250,000 likes he would post a hint about the forthcoming season.

He has a remarkable five million followers on the social media platform and naturally reached his goal in a short amount of time.

Before long he posted a video of a black screen while whispering the word ‘tacos’.

Given the outlandish nature of Fortnite, it’s not unreasonable to think that tacos might be incorporated into the game within some capacity, though it is a strange ‘hint’ by the streamer.

It would seem that Ninja ultimately trolled his massive list of followers, though he does state in the tweet “I’m not joking”.

He could have been referencing taco Tuesdays, particularly when considering his next tweet read “or is it Minecraft Monday? I don’t remember honestly. Goodnight Twitter. Ps: I love Fornite”.

If Ninja’s hint was suggestive of taco Tuesdays, it could well mean that season 11 is set to launch on October 15.

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