Ex Batman: Arkham Origins staff tease new game

Ex Batman: Arkham Origins staff tease new game

14th September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

A former voice actor, publicist and writer who all worked on the Batman: Arkham Origins game have taken to Twitter to tease a new game.

The trio in question is none other than famed voice actor Roger Craig Smith (Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed II), skilled writer Ryan Galletta (Batman: Arkham Origins, Need for Speed: Most Wanted) and Warner Bros. publisher Gary Miereanu.

It all began with Smith tweeting about how he is “super bummed to not be working on anything that I can’t be tweet about right now because I can’t violate an NDA for something that I can assure you doesn’t exist.

“And isn’t a video game.”

Before long Galletta entered the fray responding with: “Even worse for me – I can’t not tweet about the nonexistent confidential project that we’re not working on together.”

Galletta wasn’t the only former member of staff to work on Arkham Origins to respond, Gary Miereanu also got involved.

“Your publicist thanks you, and promises that we’ll let the cat out of the bag reasonably soon,” tweets Miereanu.

It is unlikely that fans will get another Batman: Arkham game because the series was rounded up at the culmination of Arkham Knight, released back in 2015.

However, with Miereanu seemingly involved it all but confirms that Warner Bros will be publishing the game that is being teased which, albeit barely, narrows the scope for what it could be.

Warner Bros has been synonymous with DC-related IPs such as games and movies, which tends to suggest that another DC superhero game could well be on the way.

Though it is worth mentioning that Galletta is now the lead writer at Tuque Games in Montreal, so the project might not even be related to superheroes at all.

Perhaps it won’t even be a video game? But, considering the CVs of the trio involved, it is more than likely.

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