Far Cry 6 will have third-person scenes for first time in series history

Far Cry 6 will have third-person scenes for first time in series history

15th July 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Far Cry 6 has been officially announced with further details shedding light on how some cutscenes will be shown from a third-person perspective.

The series is renown for creating compelling villains, such as Vaas from the third instalment, though it rarely shows glimpses of the protagonists.

It would seem the upcoming entry will feature a well-written antagonist yet again as Giancarlo Esposito has been cast to portray Antón Castillo.

The actor is perhaps best known for his role as Gustavo Fring in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

The antagonist was expertly played in both TV shows and providing the writing material he is provided with is sound, fans are expecting him to steal the show once again in Far Cry 6.

However, there is now a chance for the next instalment’s protagonist to also share the limelight as they will now be shown in cutscenes, reports GameRant.

This is notably different to other entries in the series, as the hero is seldom shown (if at all) throughout each game.

In theory, the protagonist should have more personality embedded into them through this new narrative direction.

While there is still little detail surrounding the game’s lead character, it is known that Antón Castillo is the oppressive president of the fictional country Yara.

Following the first revolution, his father was killed and since then both Castillo and his son have been determined to restore the country to its former glory.

Assuming the upcoming game will follow the same structure as previous additions, fans can expect the protagonist to be tasked with taking down the blood-thirsty president.

Far Cry 6 is set for release on February 21, 2020 for both the current and next-generation consoles alongside PC.

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