Former Bioware lead writer to open Australian studio

Former Bioware lead writer to open Australian studio

19th September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

David Gaider – the former lead writer at Bioware – has revealed he will be opening a new game development studio in Australia.

Gaider is a famed writer who is well-known for being the lead writer on Dragon Age: Origins, the genius behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as well authoring the prequel Dragon Age books.

The game development studio will be called Summerfall Studios and, according to its website, will be crafting an “illustrated character-driven adventure” which will debut at the PAX Australia event on October 11.

“We’d actually each been thinking of starting a new studio independently,” Gaider revealed to Kotaku Australia.

“I’d spoken about it a bit to friends, talking about what sorts of projects I’d want to make and the kind of studio I’d want to run, but I felt like it was something I couldn’t do alone.”

It wasn’t long until Gaider and GX Australia co-director Liam Esler spoke and realised they both shared a vision. Soon enough the pair settled on basing Summerfall Studios in Australia.

“There could certainly have been advantages to starting the studio in Canada (where Gaider worked for Bioware and Beamdog) instead, but both of us really wanted to have it based here, where we know the people and the depth of the talent pool,” he added.

Gaider will still be based in Canada for a while, so it will technically be a cross-pacific production despite the leg work being conducted in Australia.

Details surrounding Summerfall Studios remain sparse though more will be announced at PAX Australia, where Gaider happens to be delivering a keynote speech.

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