GTA 6 confirmed but it will be ‘moderately sized’

GTA 6 confirmed but it will be ‘moderately sized’

16th April 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Grand Theft Auto’s sixth instalment (GTA 6) is in development, though it will only be “moderately sized” when it debuts.

The news arrives shortly after Rockstar changed its in-house working culture – a move that is set to impact the upcoming project.

Back in 2018, the developer found itself under fire in the months leading up to the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2).

Co-founder Dan Houser reportedly said during an interview that some employees were working “100-hour weeks”.

The statement prompted serious backlash on the internet, but the studio’s woes didn’t end there.

Executive Jeronimo Barrera then had sexual harassment claims brought against him – allegations which he vehemently denied – causing some to question its culture further.

Roughly 18 months later, it would seem the behemoth has begun to change how it treats employees and workloads.

“It does seem like a healthier culture overall,” a developer told Kotaku.

“We’ll see in a year or two if I’m pulling my hair out, but it does seem like we’re moving in the right direction for being a company the size we are.”

This was naturally affect the studio’s upcoming projects – including GTA 6 – which has now been confirmed in the same report.

However, it be “moderately sized” when it initially debuts, with plans to expand it through regular updates post-release.

Given the sheer scope of Rockstar projects – such as the critically acclaimed RDR 2 – it should still be a fairly large game.

In any event, and while not entirely surprising, many will welcome the news that the latest entry to the series is in the works.

It will not arrive anytime soon, however, since it is still very much in its early development stages.

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