Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind could focus on Kairi rescue

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind could focus on Kairi rescue

11th September 2019 3 By Jordan Heal

Kingdom Hearts 3 was finally unleashed at the start of this year, but the Square Enix offering left fans eager for more.

Luckily, the Re Mind expansion launches this winter, and should give them what they want.

The latest trailer for the Re Mind downloadable content (DLC) was unveiled recently and it gave fans a glimpse at what is tantalisingly close to being available.

Re Mind will be reintroducing popular keyblades Oathkeeper and Oblivion alongside a new form for Sora to master on his journey.

Perhaps one of the most notable reveals whipping up excitement among fans is the possibility to play as everyone’s favourite ‘Nobody’ – Roxas – alongside Axel and Xion.

Kairi, in typical Kingdom Hearts fashion is kidnapped, which ultimately leads to Axel, Roxas and Xion teaming up against Saïx.

The latest trailer for Re Mind showcases the 358/2 trio battling with Saïx which is leaving fans speculating on whether they will get to play as the trio during the epic showdown.

It also teases that players may get to use Aqua, Ventus and Lingering Will in their respective fights.

Re Mind also looks set to re-introduce data battles which were popularised in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix.

From the trailer it looks as though gamers will get to duke it out with tougher versions of both Xigbar (who was revealed to be Luxu in the epilogue) and Vanitas.

Re Mind could focus on events that take place post game

The trailer also shows additional scenes with Sora speaking with Chirithy and Naminé highlighting how fans will get a new story.

Some have even speculated that the Re Mind DLC will delve into the time in which Sora is rescuing Kairi after the main Kingdom Hearts 3 story has been concluded.

It would make sense on this basis to add a new section to the game where we journey as Sora on his adventure to rescue Kairi before he ultimately disappears.

One Reddit user suggested Re Mind takes place after Sora rescues Kairi and in the process he opts to save Kairi instead of the other Guardians of Light.

In doing so, Sora erases himself and this leads to the Guardians of Light battling with Organisation XIII and helps explain why fans would play as these characters instead of Sora.

This would likely mean during the very final battle players would be left fending for themselves with King Mickey and Riku – a potentially epic battle which is not shown in the latest trailer.

It is still unclear whether there is any substance to the theory, but it would certainly make for an interesting play through.

In true Tetsuya Nomura style the Re Mind DLC trailer still states it will be released this winter and does not give a definitive release date.

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