Marvel’s Avengers dev responds to PlayStation exclusivity outrage

Marvel’s Avengers dev responds to PlayStation exclusivity outrage

6th August 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Crystal Dynamics’ Scot Amos has responded to fan outrage on PlayStation exclusivity for Marvel’s Avengers.

Recently, it was announced that Spider-Man would only be available as a playable character on Sony’s console.

As the web-slinging superhero is among the most popular in the franchise, many have been left with a sour taste in their mouth.

The reason behind the exclusivity is tied to Sony’s relationship with Marvel, as the entertainment giant owns the rights to produce Spider-Man films and video games.

As such, it isn’t too surprising that the friendly neighbourhood hero will only be available on that platform.

However, this does mean that anyone who wants to play as the character will need to pay a hefty price and purchase a PlayStation to do so.

Crystal Dynamics’ Scot Amos recently spoke with Newsweek on the fan outrage and said:

“We just announced Hawkeye less than a week ago, we have two characters announced within a matter of five days, the future is bright.

“People will get fixated on one thing as opposed to, ‘You’re going to have hundreds of hours of content in years of story lines coming ahead of us and new worlds and regions and new heroes and more stuff we haven’t even announced yet.’

“We want this to be the place you get to play those superhero fantasies out with (your) Avengers team that’ll continue growing with new characters – characters you haven’t you even guessed yet that are gonna come to this roster down the road.”

While Amos has said fans shouldn’t be too worried about the PlayStation exclusivity, it is unlikely this will change their opinions.

After all, Spider-Man is one the most beloved Marvel superheroes and a game focused on the franchise without him is likely to feel a little bit empty.

There is still hope that Xbox and PC may yet receive their own exclusive characters though, nothing has been confirmed just yet.

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