Modern Warfare update nerfs the Grau and MP5

Modern Warfare update nerfs the Grau and MP5

30th June 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has released a new update and it has significantly changed the current ‘meta’.

The latest patch is one that fans have longed for, as there were several guns that vastly outperformed the rest.

These weapons – in particular the Grau and MP5 – were considered the ‘most effective tactic available’ (meta) in both multiplayer and the free-to-play battle royale ‘Warzone’.

They became so problematic that anyone who didn’t use at least one of them was at a massive disadvantage.

The most recent Modern Warfare update has addressed these issues and in doing so, a number of other weapons are now more viable.

Previously, the Grau had little recoil and it could consistently deal a lot of damage at range.

This was highly unrealistic, as it effectively nullified snipers due to how powerful it was at distance.

Similarly, the MP5 was capable of hitting hard from afar despite it being a sub-machine gun (SMG).

As a result, it out shined practically ever other weapon in multiplayer and proved to be an ideal pairing with the Grau in Warzone for short-ranged skirmishes.

With both guns now properly balanced, the meta has been changed considerably and different weapons can now be used to add variety to the game.

In the interest of keeping Call of Duty fresh, Infinity Ward have added the new Rytec AMR sniper rifle that can be used to destroy vehicles.

The latest Modern Warfare update has also brought 200 player Quads to Warzone, allowing an extra 50 people to participate per game.

This in turn should result in more frenetic matches, as there will be more teams to defeat along the way to victory.

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