New Apex Legends teaser sees Revenant assassinate Forge

New Apex Legends teaser sees Revenant assassinate Forge

29th January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Apex Legends’ fourth season was only just announced with the introduction of Forge – who has just been murdered by Revenant.

During its third series, fans were treated to the arrival of Revenant in a special game mode set a night time in the original map King’s Canyon.

It was then assumed he would be returning for the fourth outing, but when it was announced an entirely different character was introduced.

James ‘The Forge’ McCormick is a highly accomplished fighter, having won various competitions. His introduction further bridges Apex Legends with fellow Respawn-developed title Titanfall.

This naturally seemed as though he would be the latest addition to the playable heroes in the free-to-play game.

However, the developer recently released a short animated clip – similar to the ones which gave more context to Wraith and Crypto – to confuse fans.

Within it, Forge is being interviewed but the affair quickly turns sour. The lights begin to flicker and from behind Revenant emerges and assassinates McCormick in front of the interviewer.

While it seems like the Legend may have been brutally murdered before players have even had the chance to don his character, there is one notable talking point.

The animated Forge has a scar above his left eye, a feature which his initial introduction lacked.

This could mean the real James McCormick is still alive and well with the video serving as a narrative thread to feed into the fourth season, setting up tension between him and Revenant.

In any event, Apex fans are understandably confused as the animated clip arrives mere days after the original, official unveiling of the character.

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