New Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC details emerge – but still no release date

New Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC details emerge – but still no release date

3rd December 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

The latest details for the Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind expansion have emerged, though a release date is still being kept a secret.

The downloadable content (DLC) will be introducing several new boss fights to the base game while also allowing players to use other characters in select moments or encounters.

Two iconic keyblades – Oathkeeper and Oblivion – will also be making their debut for the third entry.

It is expected that the expansion will refine the overall experience and implement additional plot moments.

Earlier this year, eGaming Desk reported on how it could focus on Sora rescuing Kairi before ultimately disappearing and guiding the narrative into the secret cinematic ending ‘Yozora’.

The latest information does not elaborate on either the extra boss fights or narrative but does confirm new features.

Recently, the Kingdom Hearts orchestra performed in Osaka, Japan and unveiled exclusive DLC details. An attendee then posted the news to Twitter.

Firstly, more information will be arriving next month which confirms that it will not be released this side of Christmas.

Tetsuya Nomura, the brain behind Kingdom Hearts, even said that he could not give a confirmed release date because “people would get mad at him”.

There will be a slideshow mode implemented to enhance player-taken photos of characters in-game. This will allow them to create a mini movie of snapshots captured and add background music, transitions, zooms and so on.

Interestingly, there will also be the addition of ‘fast pass’ and ‘black code’ which will allow users to tweak gameplay settings to either make the experience easier or harder.

‘Fast pass’ will grant them the ability to kill enemies in one fell swoop or begin stacking ‘attractions’ and ‘spells’ above the command menu to further mix-up attacks.

On the other hand, ‘black code’ means gamers can fine tune the difficulty to their exact specification going so far as allowing them to designate how much health they have.

This would be particularly useful for ‘challenge runs’ such as level one (lowest level), critical (hardest difficulty) run using minimal health.

It should be noted the Twitter user has only repeated what she heard/saw during the concert and for the most part, the above information has not been confirmed by Square Enix.

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