Ninja and Reverse2k set Fortnite record for most consecutive duo wins

Ninja and Reverse2k set Fortnite record for most consecutive duo wins

3rd October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Streaming sensation Ninja and his playing partner Reverse2k have smashed the record for most consecutive duo wins on the popular Fortnite game.

The pair managed to clinch their 43rd duo win in a row on October 2, establishing a new world record for the category.

The partnership was first formed when the two streamers teamed together for the Fortnite World Cup duo qualifiers. The pair quickly formed a formidable coalition and have been playing together regularly since.

Tyler Blevins (Ninja) is one of the best-known streamers in the world and recently set the gaming world abuzz after making the bold jump from Twitch to Mixer.

The streaming superstar – who also recently partnered with Adidas – is arguably one of the best Fortnite players in the world, and his partnership with Reverse2k has paid dividends.

Ninja and Reverse2k hosted a combined stream for fans to watch the record attempt, reaching 29 victories in a row before finishing for the day.

The following day’s stream then saw the duo pick up an additional 13 wins without losing to break the previous record of 42.

By the end, Ninja could be heard exclaiming: “43 games without a loss, streaming combined to more than 20,000 people, it’s not like we’re doing this off-stream.

“This is huge dude. No delay, we streamed the whole thing. The streak is still going, all we need to do is keep playing duos together.”

With the duo’s new record safely secured, it will be interesting to see if the pair continue to grow the streak or change their focus.

The current world record for most consecutive squad victories is a staggering 76, held by French player J7Evoooo. If the record-breaking duo are to beat this record as well, they will need to find more players to fill out their squad.

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