Red Dead Online adds The Naturalist role in latest update

Red Dead Online adds The Naturalist role in latest update

29th July 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Red Dead Online has finally received its latest major update and it has introduced a new role called ‘The Naturalist’.

The third iteration of the Outlaw Pass – which was originally due earlier this year – has also been added.

This means players now have access to a wide range of new missions, activities, clothing and unique rewards.

While the new content is bound to excite fans, the main attraction of the update is undoubtedly The Naturalist role.

Previously, there were four roles users could become. These included a Bounty Hunter, a Trader, a Collector and a Moonshiner.

Each one plays notably different to the others, though, players can be all roles simultaneously.

The Naturalist role will now allow players to hunt legendary animals and rare subspecies that have been added as part of the update.

Hunting rare animals has long been a staple of the Red Dead franchise and the latest changes mean users have more variety when playing online.

They will have two main options, either they can help conservationist Harriet Davenport by tracking down unique specimens, sedating them, gathering blood samples or by photographing them from afar.

Alternatively, they can sell the pelts and hides to retired hunter Gus Macmillan for a hansom reward.

This should add some moral complexity to the role, as players will be able to decide whether they want to preserve the precious wildlife or profit from their deaths.

Levelling up in The Naturalist role will allow users to improve their tracking abilities, such as being able to distinguish legendary animal trails, or learn brand new skills.

To begin the role, players need to head to the Strawberry Welcome Centre to pick up the Animal Field Guide and then listen to both Harriet and Gus as they try to recruit them.

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