Resident Evil 4 player beats game with 0% accuracy

Resident Evil 4 player beats game with 0% accuracy

21st September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

One Resident Evil 4 player has managed to beat the popular horror game with a baffling 0% accuracy while still killing 797 enemies.

The achievement was posted onto Reddit by user Manekimoney.

Resident Evil 4 was originally released back in 2005 and remains one of the series’ most popular entries. It is also a game that players love to complete challenge runs on, as evidenced by Manekimoney.

The player uploaded a screenshot of their end-game data showing how they beat the game in 13 and a half hours with 0% accuracy.

They completed the challenge run using only a knife, rocket launcher, grenades, the mine thrower and Del Lago’s harpoons.

Using these weapons ensures that the player’s accuracy does not go higher than 0% but using any other weapon would make it impossible to achieve this remarkable fete.

In total they successfully killed 797 enemies using the weapons allowed. The challenge run clearly presented tough situations throughout, with the player having died 71 times.

Another user commented on the post asking if the easiest way to achieve 100% accuracy would be to fire a single bullet and follow the 0% accuracy strategy. Manekimoney replied, revealing that using the mine thrower can be difficult because it has limited ammo and can damage the player as well as enemies, meaning shrewd play is required to accomplish the feat.

Manekimoney also shed light on how on they completed the run on ‘Pro’ which turns off adaptive difficulty so that they could not accidentally “cheese” the run by repeatedly dying to make it easier.

They also didn’t get the exclusive mine thrower upgrade since the objective wasn’t to always hit the enemy and kept 100 handgun ammo in their inventory so enemies didn’t drop more.

Resident Evil 4 player beats game with zero percent accuracy

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