Rockstar rumours are heating up again

Rockstar rumours are heating up again

14th January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Speculation surrounding Rockstar’s next video game has begun heating up once more but still nobody knows what it could be.

The developer recently posted a new job advertisement looking for a video editor, which set the rumour mill in motion again.

The successful candidate would be tasked with capturing game footage alongside editing trailers to the “highest standard”.

They would also have experience with both drama and documentary while being able to craft a ‘compelling’ narrative.

It will be a hands on role, working either alone or with a team of capture artists before editing a high quality trailer.

“Storytelling is a very important aspect of our games, so the editor must be able to communicate the emotional content and excitement of a game within a 60 second format,” it writes.

“This is an interactive procedure, part of the trailer making process is shooting scenes in a virtual 3D environment using proprietary tools.”

TheNathanNS – a popular Bully content creator on YouTube – is a huge fan of Rockstar titles and tweeted out some speculation.

He suggests the project could be Red Dead Redemption-related since the ad references “drama and emotional content”.

Its other notable franchises are Grand Theft Auto and Bully, which are fairly light-hearted in their trailers whereas the RDR 2 trailer were more serious and dramatic in both tone and theme.

Considering the aforementioned game only released at the end of 2018, it is unlikely to be a third title in the franchise – but it could be downloadable content (DLC).

Others are longing for a Bully 2, but there is little to substantiate these rumours. It could also be GTA 6, especially with the next generation consoles due at the end of this year.

Rumours have been abuzz surrounding a new Grand Theft Auto since November, 2019 when hip-hop duo City Morgue posted a teaser on Instagram.

The post teased something would be coming in Summer 2020 and considering music is a big part of the franchise – whereas it is less prominent in Bully and Red Dead – people were swift to suggest it would be a new GTA.

In any event, following the recent job listing the Rockstar rumours are likely to continue simmering until it makes an official announcement about the next project or DLC.

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