Rumour: Call of Duty Black Ops will return and focus on the Cold War

Rumour: Call of Duty Black Ops will return and focus on the Cold War

20th May 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

The next Call of Duty game is hotly tipped to continue or reboot the Black Ops portion of the franchise, and it will focus on the Cold War.

Traditionally, Activision and Treyarch rotate each year on which studio develops the latest instalment.

As the former developed the incredibly popular Modern Warfare (MW) reboot last year, it is the latter’s turn to release a title this time around.

The rumour mill has been set in motion for a couple of months now, with many certain 2020 will see the return of Black Ops (BO).

This falls in line with the yearly release schedule, as BO is Treyarch’s forte while MW is Activision’s wheel house.

The current title is accompanied by the successful free-to-play battle royale game Warzone – which was recently revealed to be the thread that will connect all future Call of Duty titles.

The latest Warzone update added peculiar vaults and hardcore gamers have been quick to find secrets contained within them.

Interestingly, nuclear warheads and cryptic phone calls have been found featuring Russian voices.

This in turn has led to much speculation on how the upcoming entry to the series will be another Black Ops game with emphasis on the Cold War.

Insider Okami – who has successfully leaked details in the past – seems confident the rumours are true.

This was subsequently echoed by yet another insider, TheGamingRevolution, who likewise seemed to corroborate the speculation.

However, there has been no official confirmation from any studio or publisher involved with the franchise.

As such, until further details are leaked or confirmed, it remains to be seen what the next Call of Duty title will be.

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