Rumour: Harry Potter RPG details leaked

Rumour: Harry Potter RPG details leaked

8th June 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

New details surrounding the mysterious and unconfirmed Harry Potter role-playing game (RPG) have supposedly leaked.

Unverified footage rumoured to have been taken from the project curiously emerged on social media sites quite some time ago.

It would reportedly allow players to attend the wizarding school Hogwarts while embarking on their own adventure, separate from that of the titular character.

At the time, the leaks suggested it would be called ‘Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’, though no studio ever claimed to be developing such a game.

Fans were incredibly excited for the project but, ultimately, the buzz went silent after there was a substantial lack of evidence to suggest it was real.

Some time later, there are new leaks that claim the game is alive and well, alongside further details.

It is now reportedly titled ‘Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy‘ and the player will get to live out their time in the school until graduation.

Supposedly, they can choose their gender and customise them – going so far as to be able to select if they’re a pure blood, half blood or a muggle.

As the name implies, there will be a dark narrative and even possible romance plots with an option to marry someone.

Initial speculations had believed it would take place prior to the Harry Potter series, though, the new leak claims it will be set following Voldemort’s defeat.

Additionally, the events of the project are set after Harry’s kids have attended and graduated Hogwarts, meaning the setting is quite far in the future.

As such, the antagonist will be a former Death Eater who leads a cast of smaller villains, if the rumours are to be believed.

It is worth noting the original leak implied the project would be set in the 1800s, which does not align with the recent rumour.

Like most video games, there will be a central hub alongside notable locations the player can explore, such as Hogsmead and The Ministry of Magic.

Likewise, there will be various skill trees for them to gradually unlock more abilities with some locked behind whether they choose to play as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ wizard.

However, the three Unforgivable Curses – Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Imperio – cannot be learned by the student.

There will also be a nemesis system akin to the one found in Shadow of Mordor, with one unique rival per playthrough that can be beaten, killed or recruited as an ally.

The combat itself has been described as fluid and tactical, suggesting players will need to understand the appropriate spells to defeat an opponent, or counter their moves.

Multiple characters from the books are said to appear, which could mean Neville Longbottom may well end up teaching the player Herbology.

Finally, the leak also suggests there will be a card-type game and Quidditch featured throughout the title.

While the leaks have set Harry Potter fans abuzz once again, it is worth noting there is still no official confirmation on the project.

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