Stolen Call of Duty accounts are being sold for Bitcoin

Stolen Call of Duty accounts are being sold for Bitcoin

9th September 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare accounts are being hacked, stolen and then ransomed for Bitcoin by thieves.

Recently, there has been a startling rise in the number of users reporting their accounts as lost, presumably as a result of a hack.

Initially, it seemed the affected people were unable to retrieve their accounts and so they lost all their hard-earned progress.

However, some thieves now seem to be targeting accounts that have spent real money acquiring in-game cosmetic items and subsequently selling them back for Bitcoin (BTC).

Given the amount of items that are frequently rotated in the game’s store, it would make sense that many accounts have invested significant sums of money into the skins.

The hackers seem to be offering to return the stolen accounts in exchange for $400 paid through a specific link, reports Motherboard.

The Bitcoin wallet address that has been provided has apparently received 1.2 BTC. However, it is not clear whether this figure has actually been paid by affected players.

The transactions indicate that payments have been made ranging anywhere from $20 up to $2,600 with the total averaging at $12,000.

The Motherboard report suggests there is a “thriving underground economy” fuelled by trading, buying, or selling compromised accounts.

As there could be potentially thousands of dollars worth of real money invested into them, the stolen accounts can be sold for large sums of money in this shady market.

Even without monetary investments, some players may have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours in the game, only for this time to be lost if they do not meet the demands of the hackers.

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