Ubisoft first to declare PS5 and Xbox Scarlett games

Ubisoft first to declare PS5 and Xbox Scarlett games

4th November 2019 1 By Darren Parkin

Ubisoft has emerged as the first studio to announce what games it will be delivering for the next generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The French manufacturer’s CEO – Yves Guillemot – has told company shareholders that Ubisoft is currently working on a raft of titles for the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Rainbow Six Quarantine, Watch Dogs: Legion were highlighted along with Gods and Monsters. The three games will be joined by two further – as yet unnamed – titles which will have their 2020 release dates delayed in order to be ready for the launch of the new platforms.

Precise release dates for the games are yet to be announced, as it is believed Ubisoft developers are awaiting confirmation from Sony and Microsoft on definite launch dates for their respective consoles.

Dual release

It’s also anticipated that Ubisoft will be looking at a dual-release model ensuring that any new games released by the 33-year-old outfit will be available for purchase on current consoles as well as the next generation.

Although open to criticism from some quarters as a cynical ploy to maximise profit from any title release, it does tap in to the widely-held theory that there is plenty of life left in the current leading consoles

While particular excitement surrounds the PS5 release, gamers the world over have been quick to point out that the PS4 has proved to be the pinnacle of Sony’s tech achievements and they would be reluctant to let go.

Ubisoft, in adopting the dual-launch model, have clearly recognised that sentiment and understand that PS5 sales may have a slow-burn compared to previous console launches.

PlayStation4 recently tipped above the 103 million sales mark, overtaking the original PlayStation as it closes in on the PS2’s remarkable 155 million sales in the all-time video console sales chart.


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