Warner Bros Montreal tease Batman: Court of Owls

Warner Bros Montreal tease Batman: Court of Owls

23rd September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Warner Bros Montreal may have just confirmed its next Batman title and it could focus on the popular Court of Owls organisation.

Rocksteady developed Batman: Arkham Aslyum, Batman: Arkham: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight.

In between Arkham City and Arkham Knight, Warner Bros Montreal developed Batman: Arkham Origins. The studio also developed downloadable content (DLC) for Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight.

Earlier this month the eGaming Desk reported on how a former writer, voice actor and publisher who all worked on Arkham Origins had been teasing a new game on Twitter.

This game looks like it has been all but confirmed.

On September 21 – Batman Day – Warner Bros Montreal posted a cryptic tweet. It read: “WBGamesMTL is proud to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary with the rest of the world during #BatmanDay #Batman 80.”

There was also a video accompanying the tweet featuring the iconic Batman logo. Throughout the video a series of images and logos flutter into appearance before dissolving into the distance again.

A couple of the images look eerily similar to the Court of Owls symbol while another looks slightly demonic, possibly hinting at Ra’s al Ghul.

The Court of Owls is an underground organisation which has long held a presence in Gotham and is part of ‘The New 52’ era – the 2011 reboot of DC’s continuity.

The Court of Owls serve as Batman’s primary antagonists in the first two comic book story arcs of The New 52.

They also feature in the Warner Bros animated film Batman vs Robin in which Talon attempts to recruit Robin (Damian Wayne) into joining the Court of Owls.

The Court of Owls even featured in the hit TV show Gotham which finished earlier this year.

The Batman Arkham games featured Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake but have yet to introduce Damian Wayne.

Dick Grayson was the first Robin who grows up to become Nightwing. Jason Todd is the second Robin and in the comics he becomes the Red Hood, a role he does take at the end of Arkham Knight.

Tim Drake is the third Robin and is Batman’s faithful companion in Arkham Knight.

If the Court of Owls is set to be the next antagonist in Warner Bros Montreal’s latest Batman game, it would make sense for them to introduce Damian Wayne as the next Robin.

The demonic symbols presented in the cryptic video could also allude to Ra’s al Ghul, who has already been introduced in the games.

Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. This means Ra’s is Damian’s grandfather, which helps further lend to speculation that the next Robin will be Damian Wayne.

In Arkham Knight, Batman meets Talia al Ghul once more and she says “you didn’t need to get yourself arrested to see me Bruce, after that night we spent in Metropolis… you could have just called”.

This a direct reference to Bruce and Talia’s on-again off-again relationship while also hinting that this could have been the night Damian was conceived.

Both the Court of Owls and Damian Wayne have yet to be officially confirmed by the studio, but it certainly seems like this could be the direction Warner Bros Montreal is heading toward.

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