Zombies in Red Dead Online – a tease for Undead Nightmare 2?

Zombies in Red Dead Online – a tease for Undead Nightmare 2?

20th September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Zombies have started to show up in Red Dead Online in what is being seen as a hint that Undead Nightmare 2 could be on its way.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was met with critical acclaim when released back in November, and the online service has been a work-in-progress ever since.

Red Dead Redemption first hit the shelves in May 2010, with the popular Undead Nightmare expansion for Red Dead Redemption coming out that October.

The expansion re-envisioned the world of Red Dead Redemption after it had succumbed to a plague. It is an alternate timeline where the dead have risen as flesh-eating zombies, prompting civilisation to go into hiding and become hostile.

The popular expansion not only added a whole new story but implemented multiple side activities such as hunting the legendary chupacabra or catching the four horses of apocalypse.

Undead Nightmare 2 could be on the way

Now, Red Dead Online players (for Red Dead Redemption 2) have begun spotting zombies lying around the map causing a flurry of theories suggesting a new Undead Nightmare could be on the way.

Across the last week there has been at least three different players upload screenshots from Red Dead Online showcasing zombies.

The first screenshot shows what could be a male with yellow eyes lying inside a mass grave in Armadillo, New Austin.

Though, many took to the comments suggesting the non-player character (NPC) has contracted cholera or it is possibly related to a texture glitch.

Undead Nightmare 2 could be on the way

The second screenshot depicts a woman with yellow eyes, with the player who uploaded the screenshot saying they had shot her which caused her to blink along with her mouth moving.

However a separate user was quick to point out in the comments that there have been many glitches that look identical to zombies, which becomes more complicated when considering that there is a zombie timeline in the Red Dead universe.

Another possible zombie hinting at Undead Nightmare 2

The third screenshot shows a male who has blue skin and looks eerily dead. The NPC is located in the south of Armadillo with the user who uploaded the photo hoping that it wold be some kind of Halloween event for Red Dead Online.

Once again people in the comments were swift to point out that it could be cholera-related because there are several NPCs in the single-player story mode which have caught the disease, prompting their skin colour to change.

Third possible zombie hinting at Undead Nightmare 2

The rumours suggesting that an Undead Nightmare 2 could be on the way are certainly heating up. It could, of course, all be coincidence but Halloween is looming.

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