Are FIFA pros deliberately avoiding each other in competitive games?

Are FIFA pros deliberately avoiding each other in competitive games?

24th October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Professional FIFA gamers are purposefully avoiding each other to have easier qualification matches, a popular streamer has claimed.

Ultimate Team (FUT) is the title’s flagship mode, generating Electronic Arts (EA) a serious amount of money each year through microtransactions.

The game type has progressively become more and more quintessential with each release, prompting the publisher to ramp up the rewards on offer from the competitive side of it.

Previously, the online contest arena of FUT was known as ‘divisions’ where players would compete against each other to climb through the ranks up to the division one – earning rewards for each successful promotion.

EA has since changed this to ‘rivals’ and while divisions still exist for ranking players of similar skill, they now offer a certain amount of points needed to qualify for ‘FUT champs weekend league’.

Once qualified, gamers then take part in a 40-match competition to get the best record and earn even better rewards depending on where they rank.

It has gained a significantly bad reputation because the highest tier of rewards are segmented through competitive gameplay – encouraging people to play dirty and win by any means necessary, often braking unspoken rules or etiquette.


Nick, a popular FIFA streamer who goes by the name ‘RunTheFUTMarket’, is a player who regularly ranks consistently high in the leaderboards.

He has recently uploaded a video calling out the toxic community surrounding the game.

In the video he shares numerous screenshots from multiple Discord channels depicting people – who are supposedly pro players – purposefully avoiding one another.

They are based in North America and each one will post a message saying when they are searching for an opponent so that others in the channel can wait and not match with them.

In turn, this allows them to match with people who are less seasoned at the game and, therefore, obtain easier wins. This leads to higher rankings and better rewards.

If the allegations are true, it would mean a band of professional gamers are flouting a raft of rules outlined by EA.

RunTheFUTMarket makes it clear that he is not necessarily looking to call out certain players but rather he wanted to alert the wider FIFA community about the situation.

He then claims that multiple people from eMLS – the Major League Soccer’s competitive gaming brand – are involved with the alleged collusion.

A popular figure in the FIFA scene, AirJapes, took to Twitter to voice his concerns.

“Every single pro signed to a contract that is part of this should be dropped by their team and EA should ban them for the rest of the year,” he posted.

“It’s time for a zero tolerance policy.”

Nick also suggested that this is far from a new trend emerging in the competitive side of FIFA. He believes it has been occurring for at least the last six months – if not longer – beginning on older entries to the franchise.

RunTheFUTMarket, EA Sports and eMLS have all been contacted by eGaming Desk for a comment, but we are still waiting for a response.

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