Black Dog Gaming and Advrtas announce eSports partnership

Black Dog Gaming and Advrtas announce eSports partnership

7th January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Black Dog Gaming and Advrtas have announced a partnership which will see the pair bring interactive and immersive 360º content to companies in the eSports sector.

The aim is to provide better branding, content and experiences in the ever-expanding industry.

Advrtas boasts patented technology which supports the “continuous behavioural optimisation of ground-breaking immersive visual content to multiple devices and screens”.

Its easy-to-use content creation tools and proprietary advanced analytics engine provide fan-building, branding and sponsorship opportunities.

“This technology offers an exciting opportunity to not only partner with content creators and brands, but also with large touch-screen providers at eSports events anywhere around the world, creating a proprietary distribution channel for event-based interactive 360º content that can only help to grow the industry,” said Robert Bruza, founder of Advrtas.

It supports the creation and programmatic delivery of interactive 360º content for any sized advertisement banner or interstitial display ad format. The content can also be personalised and self-optimised to help target specific individuals or demographics.

The technology can also be leveraged to enhance live eSports events by creating in-app experiences which can be enjoyed by audiences at the event or at home.

Announcers might also benefit since they could change a screen on a mobile device which is projected to attendees which provides a visual aid to accompany their commentary, or even pose questions to the audience.

Black Dog Gaming along with music mogul and hip-hop legend Arabian Prince added: “Immersive media delivers on the promise of providing eSports fans with more interactive and engaging experiences. Through this partnership with Advrtas, we can offer immersive solutions to businesses today that will naturally contribute to the growth of this burgeoning industry.”

Advrtas’ technology will be showcased at the eSports Pitch Fest on February 28, 2020 in Garden Grove, CA.

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