ELEAGUE to host eSports show on TBS

ELEAGUE to host eSports show on TBS

23rd January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

In collaboration with both live streaming platform Twitch and American television network TBS, ELEAGUE will be hosting a late-night eSports show.

The industry has been booming for some time now, with prize pools gradually increasing to dizzying heights and worldwide interest far from satiated.

While some video games, such as FIFA, haven’t taken flight others like Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite are massively popular.

ELEAGUE is an organisation which routinely hosts eSports competitions and relays them to TBS and Twitch. It harnesses the resources of Turner Sports and WarnerMedia.

It recently hosted the FUT Champions Cup Stage III for FIFA 20 which saw various top tier players such as DhTekKz eliminated while Ollelito was crowned champion.

It is now looking take its coverage even further with the announcement it will be hosting a late-night talk show  – called Super Punch – dissecting the week’s biggest moments, similar to a recap show.

Ify Nwadiwe, Kelly Nugent, JD Witherspoon and Alex Corea will anchor the show as its hosts, detailing notable milestones – including personality-based and community-driven content.

“Super Punch is a dynamic content offering that is built by games for gamer,” said Craig Barry, chief content officer at Turner Sports.

“Combining the platforms and assets of ELEAGUE, TBS and Twitch will create an original take on the culture of gaming, streaming and esports content, delivered in a truly immersive experience for our highly engaged fans.”

The show will be powered by Twitch and as such will be aired both on the platform and TBS. On Mondays to Fridays – beginning February 3 – it will be live from 11pm ET.

Special shows will be hosted on Fridays – though this does not begin until February 21 – there will be a special live stream on a dedicated Twitch channel.

On each of those Fridays, Twitch will offer an “exclusive, complementary broadcast” from 11pm until midnight and 1am until 2am around the TBS telecast.

Super Punch will originate from Twitch’s studio in Los Angeles from Monday through until Thursday with the Friday episode being televised from ELEAGUE’s headquarters at WarnerMedia Studios in Atlanta.

The first four shows of the week will be spearheaded by Nwadiwe while Nugent, Witherspoon and Corea will take control of the Friday instalment.

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