FaZe clan partners with Manchester City FC

FaZe clan partners with Manchester City FC

4th October 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

FaZe clan – one of the most dominant organisations in eSports – has announced a new partnership with reigning Premier League football champions Manchester City.

The news was announced by the football club on its website, which details how the new collaboration will “create new experiences for fans of both football and eSports”.

FaZe clan’s rise to prominence over the last 10 years has been well documented. It began with a group of teenagers playing Call of Duty who formed a ‘clan’ by changing their gamer-tags to ‘FaZe’.

Nowadays, the group is made up of various celebrity streamers from YouTube and Twitch alongside professionals who create videos and lifestyle blogs.

It has become one of the most followed entities in gaming, with 214 million fans across the globe and more than 500 million monthly views of its content.

Part of the collaboration will see FaZe and Manchester City bring their FIFA players together in a shared training facility and launch limited-edition, co-branded retail products for purchase.

FaZe and Manchester City previously worked together back in 2017 while the team was on tour in the US. At the time, the two entities teamed up to devise bespoke content for YouTube.

Nate Hill – one of the eSports team’s most decorated Fornite players – is an avid City fan and can often be seen donning the club’s colours live on stream.

“We recognise that fans want to celebrate their love for football across many aspects of their lives, including fashion, music, and gaming, to create a culture that goes beyond what happens on the pitch,” says Nuria Tarre, chief marketing officer at City Football Group.

“We are looking forward to working with FaZe clan to provide our fans with new and immersive ways to engage with the club.”

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