‘I don’t want this to happen again in eSports’ – Galatasary allegedly not paying pros

‘I don’t want this to happen again in eSports’ – Galatasary allegedly not paying pros

4th December 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Lee ‘GBM’ Chang-seok is claiming that Galatasary eSports hasn’t been paying his wages.

The 25-year-old is a professional League of Legends player for the Turkish team and has taken to Twitter to voice his concerns about not being paid in full.

He claimed that during the first week of October his team promised he would be paid but it continued to delay the payment.

It is now December and apparently he still hasn’t received what he his owed.

“I want to hear it officially. About our salary from Galatasary, why they keep ignoring me. Why don’t you solve this problem?” he tweeted while tagging board member Erol Özmandıracı.

GBM was contacted by eGaming Desk for a comment, to which he replied: “I don’t want this to happen again in eSports.”

Özmandıracı was quick to respond to the star, denying his claims.

“YOU WILL GET the last part of your salary VERY SOON,” he exclaimed.

“I wrote to you in detail October 17. We paid you 50% of the total salary.

“You write like you got nothing! Other teams delay salary but GS players always tweet first! We are trying our best!”

GBM’s claims have been supported by ex-teammate Choi ‘BalKhan’ Hyun-jin who likewise claims Galatasary eSports have neglected to pay their employees in full.

“Me and GBM have been in debt ever since they returned to Korea. We borrowed money from our acquaintances because we didn’t get paid,” he wrote.

It would seem that Galatasaray eSports’ League of Legends team is currently in free fall with several members having left during the offseason with more and more employees claiming it has failed to pay them on time.

Galatasaray eSports and Erol Özmandıracı have also been contacted for a comment by eGaming Desk, though no response has yet to be received.

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