Is KFC preparing a secret gaming recipe?

Is KFC preparing a secret gaming recipe?

11th September 2019 3 By Jordan Heal

Fast food favourite Kentucky Fried Chicken is seemingly moving into the world of video games.

KFC – the brainchild of Colonel Sanders – might be the last brand you would associate with gaming, but it seems to be dipping its toes into the waters of the games market.

Back in August 2018 KFC made a Twitter account called ‘KFC Gaming’ with its bio reading “Finger Clickin’ Good”.

The account is likely targeted at roping in gamers by posting video games-related tweets and thereby marketing KFC to them.

Yet, throughout the summer, KFC Gaming seems to have been ramping up its marketing strategy.

It recently ran a “World Cup of Games” competition on Twitter, asking its followers to vote for their favourite game.

The winner was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Announcing the winner, KFC Gaming wrote: “The turnout from the community was huge… guess we’ll have to put together a reward for the R6 Siege family.”

A couple of days ago, the same account posted a tweet with a video. It read: “September 23rd. Stay tuned. #KFCR6.”

The video itself has gameplay footage from Rainbow Six Siege along with the words “cash and chicken to be won” which ostensibly suggests an eSports tournament focused on Rainbow Six Siege could be held by KFC on September 23.

To add to KFC’s foray into the world of video games there is now even a KFC-inspired dating simulation game featuring the Colonel himself on Steam.

Gamers, very stereo-typically, love fast food and so it is not surprising to see it targeting this demographic. In fact, it could well turn out to be a smart move.

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