Offset says gaming will be worth $30 billion by 2020

Offset says gaming will be worth $30 billion by 2020

18th September 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

Hip-hop mogul Offset believes the video games industry will be worth more than $30 billion next year.

Offset is one-third of the hip-hop trio Migos and recently partnered with the well-known FaZe clan.

In a recent interview with a photographer, quoted by Urban Islandz, the music icon revealed that he believes the video games industry will skyrocket.

The photographer asked Offset how big he believes the gaming industry would become, to which the 27-year-old star responded: “It’s gonna be the biggest in the world, it’s gonna be worth over 30 billion in 2022.

“But the thing is I do it for the kids, for the culture,” he added.

“The kids love it, and it’s a way to get your mind away from things.”

The mumble rapper concluded his interview by stating he believes FaZe clan are “the biggest esports organisation with some of the best players in the world”.

While Offset has partnered with FaZe clan, details of the union still remain scarce. The rapper has previously teased that his involvement may extend past his initial investment into the group.

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