Razer co-founder to commit $7m to develop eSports in Singapore

Razer co-founder to commit $7m to develop eSports in Singapore

9th September 2019 2 By Jordan Heal

Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan has promised to commit $7 million to help develop the gaming and eSports scene in Singapore.

Tan made the statement on his Facebook page, claiming the funding will be spread across the next 12 months to aid the development of gaming and eSports in the South East Asian country.

This will include supporting eSports teams in Singapore as well as investing in companies based in the country or founded by Singaporeans.

Razer has an office located in Singapore with roughly 500 members of staff.

Part of the funding will also go to Team Singapore, which Razer is supporting for the SEA Games competition. Razer is also an official eSports partner for the SEA Games.

According to Tan, this will be the first time in history where medals will be given out to winners.

“We are one of the largest eSports brands in the world, and personally as a Singaporean, I’m looking forward to giving back and doing more for my country,” said Tan.

He also stated that any Singaporeans in the gaming industry should reach out to him to find new ways to work together.

Concluding his post, Tan references a letter that recently declared that eSports shouldn’t be considered a real sport.

“I thought I would put S$10 million into developing eSports in Singapore just to troll the letter writer,” he adds.

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