Three eSports teams to watch out for

Three eSports teams to watch out for

6th September 2019 0 By Shannon Greaney

Some huge revenues are already being achieved in eSports, and those numbers are forecast to more than triple by 2022, reaching $2.96 billion.

Investors, brands, and gamers are all looking to get in on the action, with dedicated eSports teams entering tournaments to win huge amounts of prize money. 

Below, we take a look at three eSports teams to watch out for. More specifically, we take a look at the three teams earning the highest revenues throughout the industry. 

Team Liquid

Team Liquid, established in 2000 in the Netherlands, is one of the leading eSports teams to watch. It has won the most prize money in the history of the industry. Team Liquid has 60 championship players covering rosters for fourteen different games. These include Starcraft II (which saw Team Liquid sign its first professional players), Fortnite, League of Legends, and the infamous Dota 2. 

The European Dota 2 division has had some of the most notable wins in eSports history, including The International 2017. Meanwhile, their League of Legends team has won four League of Legends Championship Series.

Like most other eSports brands, Team Liquid expanded itself to be more than just about gaming. It is a media enterprise that is well known for its documentary style film making and commercial content. Moving forward, the brand will also make investments in eSports infrastructure, facilities and ‘athletes’. 

OG Dota

OG Dota, currently partnered with Red Bull, is a professional Dota 2 team. They recently made eSports history by winning The International two years in a row. They took the lead against competitors, Team Liquid, in Summer 2019 to win a record-breaking $15,603,133. Their captain, N0tail – otherwise known as Johan Sundstein – is now the highest-earning player of all time. 

OG Data is one of the eSports teams that keeps making history and is definitely a team to keep your eye on. Not only is it leading the way in terms of eSports entertainment, it is also the first team to successfully use blockchain technology to better interact with fans. The club is teaming up with to develop OG Fan Tokens for their 850,000-strong fanbase.

The tokens will give holders a more interactive experience with the brand and also give them access to exclusive rewards, experiences and content.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses is one of the longest-standing eSports teams in North America. Their Dota 2 division was launched in 2011 but the club itself was formed way back in 1999. As well as Dota 2, the players have presented in games including Fortnite Battle Royale, Halo, League of Legends, StarCraft II and Rocket League. Evil Geniuses placed in 5th and 6th positions at the 2019 International. 

Currently partnered with  FVBET, one of Asia’s premier esports platforms, Evil Geniuses will look to expand their international reach and connect with even more fans over the two-year sponsorship deal. The club has also been acquired by PEAK6 Investments LLC, which will see more money being invested into this already popular brand. 


The eSports teams to look out for are those that are capable of positioning in the top five at the major gaming tournaments. It’s those which have a loyal fanbase and strong partnerships that can leverage the brand’s name and also understand that the eSports industry is so much more than about gaming. It’s about interacting with fans, becoming media moguls, and – most of all- about entertainment. 

There are many more eSports teams to keep your eye on other than those listed above. As the industry continues to go from strength-to-strength, the competition will become more fierce and more teams will come to the forefront.

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