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Major gaming companies join the UN’s climate fight

Major gaming companies join United Nations to fight climate change

Video games companies across the globe are coming together to unite under one cause with the United Nations in a bid to make gaming more environmentally friendly. The United Nations Environment Programme has announced a new ‘Playing for the Planet Alliance,’ which it announced on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly gathering earlier […]

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Gaming injuries ‘same as basketball players’, says doctor


Injuries as a result of intensive eGaming are rising at an alarming rate, leading doctors have warned. Despite the often-ridiculed stereotype of gamers sitting for hours on end operating nothing more strenuous that a QWERTY keyboard, injuries akin to those being suffered by top athletes are often reported. It is believed the bizarre increase may […]

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Dutch clinic treating gaming addicts

Dutch clinic helps treat people with gaming addiction

Gaming can become a form of addiction like any other activity or substance which can be abused, and while treatment is scarce in the UK a clinic in the Netherlands is opening its doors to offer help. One case was highlighted by UK newspaper The Guardian after speaking with ‘Tom’ who found himself staying up […]

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Five video games inspired by books

Fantasy book

It is all too common to see video games adapted into novels, though it is seldom you will find a video game adapted from a novel counterpart. This is a list of five video games, or video game series, that were adapted and inspired by – either in whole or in part – from classic […]

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