Darth Revan is once again canon in Star Wars

Darth Revan is once again canon in Star Wars

11th January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Knights of the Old Republic fan-favourite Darth Revan has once again been canonised in the Star Wars universe.

When Disney acquired the rights to the franchise back in 2014, it marked a significant change for fans worldwide.

Lucasfilm triggered a mass wiping of the ‘extended universe’ which saw many narratives and characters removed from the canon.

Slowly, but surely, it has been reinstating certain stories or people as official and rebuilding the universe in a more cohesive manner.

Back in 2004, Bioware released a video game titled Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic and within lived a Sith lord known as Darth Revan. He was one such character who was stripped from the canon.

With the release of the ninth main film The Rise of Skywalker came ‘The Visual Dictionary Book’ which remarkably references the fan-favourite force wielder.

It features a page on ‘Sith Troopers’ which has been organised into legions aptly named after ancient Sith lords. In the third notable legion the name ‘Revan’ can be found.

Since The Rise of Skywalker is canon, so too is the accompanying visual dictionary which means Revan has been made canon, for the second time in his fictional life.

This isn’t the first time his re-existence has been hinted at.

In episode eight – The Last Jedi – inside Luke Skywalker’s home is a red crystal. The visual dictionary for this film revealed it is a “fragmented Sith lightsaber crystal” which is part of a “recovered Jedi Crusader pendant”.

Interestingly, the Jedi Crusaders were a faction of the Jedi Order which fought against the Mandalorians some 5,000 years before the beginning of the Star Wars movies. The founder was none other than Revan (who has been both a Jedi and Sith).

While Revan is now confirmed to be back, it remains to be seen if he will feature in any mediums in the franchise.

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