Guinness World Records opens speedrun category

Guinness World Records opens speedrun category

22nd January 2020 0 By Jordan Heal

Speedrunners can now compete for Guinness World Records.

The new category is a byproduct of the organisation collaborating with – a popular website where people upload their attempts so they’re on record – even ones which do not top the world record.

The phenomenon involves players beating a game of their choice in the fastest time possible, often with varying categories such as using glitches or not using them.

Each title will have a leaderboard depicting each category and the best times clocked.

Depending on the title in question, the leaderboards may portray the quickest attempts for individual levels as well.

It has long-been a fabled tradition – even before the internet truly exploded – with people frequently recording their runs as proof of their victory.

While there is now a Guinness World Record category for speedrunning, it will only be available for a small selection of games.

At the moment, the only games you can enjoy the possibility of netting a GWR are Super Mario Odyssey, Minecraft and God of War.

There are also specific requirements for these titles. For instance, in Super Mario, all six boss rematches must be completed.

The player who collects six enchanted apples on the 10 years of Minecraft map will take the crown jewel.

Finally, in God of War all Muspelheim Impossible Trials must be beaten using common-level equipment.

Each attempt will be reviewed by moderators and the entire run must be recorded with players following the set rules.

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