Late night gaming bar to open in UK’s ‘Second City’

Late night gaming bar to open in UK’s ‘Second City’

29th November 2019 0 By Jordan Heal

For those unfamiliar with the Digbeth area in the UK’s second-largest city – Birmingham – it has long-been a fashionable go-to spot for people seeking different experiences.

From all night parties to exotic street food vendors, it is a popular area where ‘alternative lifestyles’ can flourish and thrive. Now this tradition is set to continue with the addition of a late night gaming bar.

It will be part of the NQ64 franchise, which already has establishments open for business in Manchester and Liverpool, with Birmingham firmly set as the next location for the expanding operation.

Open until 2am, it will feature classic, retro games and consoles appealing to a certain demographic such as the Dreamcast, SEGA Mega Drive and old school PlayStations.

Some of the titles tipped to be present include Tekken, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter, Pac Man and Space Invaders.

There will also be themed cocktails inspired by iconic video game characters. Gamers will be able down imaginative mixes like the ‘Princess Peach’ made from prossecco, peach, orgeat and pimento dram. Another is the ‘Mario’ comprising of bourbon, watermelon, Campari and soda.

Or, there’s the characteristically refreshing Luigi’ crafted using gin, mint, soda, coconut, lemon and white chocolate alongside the ‘Root Beer Tapper’ which is a blend of bourbon, cherry cream soda, Camden Hells root beer and lemon.

Entry will be free though the machines will work based on a token system similar to a carnival. It will cost £5 for 15 tokens.

NQ64 will be opening in the Custard Factory early 2020, though an exact date has yet to be officially confirmed, according to Birmingham Live.

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